DewStand-A (Model DSA-1F) White

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The DewStand-A Atmospheric Water Generator (AWG) is a perfect  addition to any home or work place. Hot & cold pure water output of  up to 8 Gallons /day at 85 °F & 80 % Humidity.

Below are technical operating parameters and features:

Rated Capacity: 8 GPD (30 l/day)

Working temperature: 39-203 °F (4-95 ℃)

Working temperature: 59-104 °F (15-40 ℃)

Working humidity: 35-95 %

Treatment Steps: Advanced Purification Technology including a sequence of U.V.  Sterilization, a series of Sediment and Carbon Filtration, Reverse  Osmosis & TCR

Storage capacity:

4 Gallons (15 Liters) (i.e. 2.5 Liters Dew, 10 Liters Pure Cold & 2.5 Liters Pure Hot Water)

Power Load: 500 W (Production) 500 W (Heating)

Frequency: 50/ 60 Hz

Voltage: 110/ 220 V

Hot & Cold Pure Water Output

LCD Touch Screen Display

  • Low Electricity cost (i.e. less than 10 cents per gallon depending on your local power company rates)
  • Indoor Lifestyle and Low Noise Levels (i.e less than 65 db)
  • Modern and Trendy Appliance Design



Shipping Information:

Dimensions: 18 inch Width x 17 Depth x 44 inch Height

Net Weight: 108 lbs (49 kg)

Refrigerant: R134a

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3 reviews for DewStand-A (Model DSA-1F) White

  1. Marc Aarons

    This Dewstand is awesome. It makes clean filtered water out of air. We are so happy to have this in our home. We replaced our other water company. We are so happy that we have access to unlimited clean filtered drinking Hot and cold water. We can set the temperature as hot as we want it and as cold as we want it. I highly recommend getting this in your house or business. It is very energy efficient. My friends an family are amazed that I have the Dewstand and they love the taste of the water.

  2. Joe Kilo

    The Dewstand is a revolutionary way in drinking safe, healthy and pure water. 85% of our body is made of water and it is vital to make sure that the water we drink is good. The two most essential element in life are water and air. Dewstand take the guess out of the work. And now we drink pure water extracted from the air. Dewstand water is light, pure and help you digest easily. Over and above, I don’t have to worry about the source of my water and how it is handled. It right here at home. Thank you dewstand .

  3. Brian Joseph Lesinski

    Great system, I wanted a system that had several ways to get clean water. I wanted an Atmospheric Water Generator and this system is one but it will also allow you to clean water from pumping in water collected from other sources. Great Lifetime Customer Service that response quickly, on the weekend, when I needed assistance setting up my system.

    Great/Fast Shipping. Dew Stand has YouTube video for unboxing and setup.

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